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When we upload songs and make them available for sale, we make sure that the song files are as good as possible, we check things like the metadata in the song files to make sure all of the information is correct, artist name, song title, ISRC codes, copyright etc.

We may also edit the files to make sure there is no excess silent space at the beginning/end of the file, and we may re-encode the file for better quality if needed to ensure that all files are the best they can be.

All of this takes time to accomplish and therefore we charge a small fee for the upload service, currently $2.00 per song and $20.00 one off fee to pay for this service, the good news is that you will get that back on the first couple of sales so we think that is fair and affordable.

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Salter Gann Universal Promotions and Management is a full-service artist management agency

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Owner of Southern Girl Promotions, LLC. I manage FLEMT Italian Rock Band

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